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This Account's Art: You'll see my professional works uploaded here, but much of this gallery displays works for personal enjoyment, charity works, gifts and the like.

Where do you get your ideas? I drink way too much coffee and bought myself a desk which doesn't collapse when I beat my head against it.

Website: I should really update that...

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Comic pages are planned, just about four or five, but I wanted to tell a part of the next chapter in the format it's been sketched in. I just completed the first page of that last night. I'd tried to push and get the pages ready for Mother's Day.

BUT, I haven't published it for readers yet, as I still feel I need to add a secondary conclusion to Chapter 4, a Part 5, written. I feel Ch4Pt4 wrapped up cleanly and ended with an obvious sort of Welcome Home night happening off-screen, so to speak, but there's just this strong desire to have everyone finally chat for the reader, now that Pips is a little more able to open up after being so bottled up the past week. What's been going on in his mind? How are he and Deepshade getting on, since they're relationship wasn't exactly sunny before? How about experimenting a little with KiiKii and Pips exchanging little childhood experiences? They all have a lot of catching up to do. Heck, Pips was all play and no talk in Chapter 2, and that was only a single night of resolved conflict, so you really only know Pips likes pranking and tricks, and he's gotten into trouble for being rambunctious before and copes with it by hiding away because he never learns. In Chapter 5, there won't be too much time to have a quiet chat. Can't say anymore than that.

If you're reading this and have more questions about the characters, please post them here, as doing so might help me look deeper into the character, and it can effect a story moment here or there. It already has in Chapter 4, so keep it up!

So yeah, Chapter 5 will begin with about 4-5 actual flipping COMIC pages! They take forever for me to make no matter what I try, but this will be a visually heavy few pages. I just don't feel they'll be the same if I write them for prose-only. They were kind've a short, a kind of aside from the main tale and drawn years ago before that decision to go prose-only, so I really feel strongly about telling these four-or-so pages in comic form. I'm expanding their flow by about a page or two, but the short will remain the same. As of right now, I'm resketching Page 67 as a whole new page to give the side characters some breathing room.

As for the fully novelized KiiKii's Cave, I do still want to do that, just so that there's at least ONE cohesive version of the story. I do realize that having a story leap into different formats makes it seem like a work of spazzery, so I don't want it to stay that way, even if the comic format pages remain up for evarz and evarz. If the novelization is completed, I'll probably make a Kickstarter or Patreon to help pay for self-publication in paperback or hardcover, which is about a couple grand. And yes, it will have little illustrations here or there, maybe even in the visual style of the comics, maybe more painterly like in "Eyes Full of Wonder," it's too soon to tell.

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